Wayward Sisters

268909-250May 23, 2014 8:00 PM
ticket$30 – General admission
$25 – Seniors (60 and over)
$10 – Students

The Naughty List: Music by Braggarts, Hotheads, Curmudgeons and Snobs

Not all composers are nice guys. Although some, like Henry Purcell, were sociable optimists, others, like Matthew Locke, acquired a menagerie of unflattering adjectives. Disagreeable. Vitriolic. Ill-tempered. Spiteful. Atrabilious. Locke was called all of these things. And Locke was not alone. As interpreted by Wayward Sisters, The Naughty List is a program of music penned by difficult men. Matthew Locke, Tarquinio Merula, William Brade, Nicola Matteis, and even Dario Castello left evidence of both their challenging temperaments and their prodigious musicianship. Wayward Sisters explores this intersection, bringing centuries-old composers vividly to life.